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Descrizione in italiano mancante, segue la descrizione originale in inglese: Stylish, elegant, sophisticated and sexy. Not often words you would use to describe a machine designed to 'fuck'. However, the F-machine fuck labs in the UK has delivered what has previously been thought impossible, then wrapped it up in some state of the art technology to bring you: your own personal robo fucking GIGOLO.
Gigolo's cool blue hue, subtly highlighted logo & visible silent internal moving parts set the scene for what you are about to receive - a sexy smooth mechanical pounding of a lifetime. Lie back and let your own personal Gigolo fuck you to powerful multiple orgasm's you never knew were possible.
Featuring a revolutionary and versatile new mono leg system and wireless remote control handset, the Gigolo sets a new benchmark in user-friendly, multi-angle fucking fun.
Designed to be simple yet versatile, the Gigolo is lighter duty and well suited to beginners and home use. That said, it has also been carefully designed by F-machine's pervy engineers to offer a full range of angles to satisfy the most demanding of positions, even for the dungeon or BDSM user. Enhanced safety features include a fully enclosed head unit and an electrical safety cut-out to protect the user from potential excessive thrust and moving parts.
As well as offering a wide range of heights and angles, the F-Machine Gigolo has a fully adjustable thrusting depth of 1 to 4 inches. The Gigolo comes with a Vac-U-Lock style adapter included
With its sleek looks, stylish black anodised alloy chassis and blue back-lit engraved viewing window, the Gigolo will make a very sexy addition to your bedroom or dungeon!

Categoria: Set di vibratori

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Kit vibratori per le coppie che amano sperimentare tutti i lati del piacere.
Il kit comprende diversi toys, sia per lui che per lei. Sperimenta cambiando in continuazione gli accessori per un piacere sempre diverso.
Ricevi tranquillamente a casa o sul posto di lavoro. Nessun riferimento al sexy shop. Pacco Totalmente Anonimo

F-Machine Gigolo Fuck Machine

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